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WHAT WE OFFER - Operating Platforms

Indo Jet Travel is flexible in our approach to servicing our clients and has a number of service platform options, the most popular being:

  • Business Travel Centre (BTC)
  • In - house
  • Self Booking Tool (SBT)
  • Combination of service platforms

Business Travel Centre
The BTC is an off-site travel office that caters for corporate clients with varying annual travel spends. The consultants working at the BTC can be dedicated to a travel account or work on a number of clients, depending on our clients needs. The BTC ensures prompt and consistent service. All the consultants work in teams, which means that someone is always available to assist, even when your dedicated / allocated consultant is not available.

An in-house is an on-site travel office based at your premises. It is the perfect solution for large companies.The in-house consultants are dedicated to the client and are ready and willing to render a highly personalised travel service with the back-up of the closest CTH.

One particular advantage of an in-house is that your travel manager and travellers have immediate access to the consultants in case of an urgent or complicated request. Face-to-face interaction typically leads to better troubleshooting and prompt issue resolution.

Self Booking Tool (SBT)
For clients with a taste for independence, Indo Jet Travel offers a web-based self-booking tool. Developed and supported by a global technology company, the Amadeus e-Travel Management tool allows travellers to book their own air travel, car hire and accommodation on-site, while Indo Jet Travel issues e-tickets and other administration documents.The SBT ensures compliance with your travel management policy as all policy requirements, corporate agreements and payment methods are preloaded on the system.

Combination of platforms
Indo Jet Travel allows any one of the above service platforms to be combined to provide a tailor made service offering. The most common combination is between the (Business Travel Centre) BTC & (Self Booking Tool) SBT. This solution allows the client to make all domestic travel bookings on the self booking tool and use the experience and knowledge of the staff at the BTC to manage the international travel bookings.


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