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WHAT WE OFFER - Value Added Services

Management Information System Reporting
Indo Jet Travel provides management information systems (MIS) of the highest quality. Indo Jet Travel makes use of a Business Intelligence system which is incorporated in our Amadeus application, called Business Objects. This is essentially a data warehouse comprising a structured information "cube” and receives detailed transactional data that is extracted out of or transactional system called Amadeus Agency Manager (AGM).

Transactional data is extracted from AGM to the info cube on a daily basis. This means that management information reporting can be provided on a daily basis with information as latent as the prior day. Reports can also be scheduled with emailing capability to produce and deliver reports to recipients email mailboxes whenever required. The reports we offer include:

  • Full travel spend overview per supplier
  • Cost savings achieved (air only)
  • Exception reporting on non-adherence to policy
  • Travel spend per traveller / passenger
  • Travel spend per cost centre / division
  • Supplier market share
  • Number of transactions
  • Days/nights away for insurance purposes
  • Online booking tool reservations

24 Hour Service Emergency Call Centre (ECC)
Indo JetTravel has an After Hours Emergency Call Centre. This call centre operates out of the International SOS office in Midrand. The team of consultants are all Senior Travel Consultants with many years experience, and have the experience to assist immediately with any emergency.

The ECC team is backed up by a concierge service in the event that they may be assisting with an emergency and as a result are unable to assist with the call immediately. In this instance the concierge service will request contact details and nature of emergency, and as soon as the relevant Senior Travel Consultant is available they will immediately contact the traveller to assist.

The travel has full use and access to all systems operated by Indo Jet Travel and as such has access to all clients’ personal preferences and company policies. The ECC team reports back to each company daily as to the emergencies assisted with after hours. Benefits of the Emergency Call Centre:

  • 24-hour service
  • Senior consultants who know the business



  • Consultants are readily available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays to assist clients.


Differentiating Factor:

  • The emergency call centre is not outsourced, but  Indo Jet Travel owned.


Radar Traveller Locator
At Indo Jet Travel we can offer you peace of mind with our risk management passenger location system called Radar. Indo Jet Travel keeps track of all travellers whose travel has been checked by the quality control team. We can locate your travellers anywhere in the world, using names, flight details, destination information, account numbers and departure and arrival dates.As soon as Indo Jet Travel issue travel documents, travellers are automatically on our Radar.


Indo Jet Travel Quality Control division offers the most sophisticated automated quality control system in the travel industry, prior to a reservation being completed and final documentation being sent to our clients, numerous front and back office checks are completed. The most important checks are:

  • Client preferences - all reservations affected on behalf of any traveller is checked against his/her personal preferences for accuracy and attention to detail. Amongst these checks are seating requests, meal requests and frequent flyer number checks
  • Correct identification numbers inserted into all reservations.
  • Best fare on the day check (often cheaper seats may become available prior to ticketing)
  • Form of payment and accounting instructions to ensure adherence to the client’s travel policy
  • Correct billing instructions for hotel and car reservations
  • Foreign exchange and insurance offerings
  • Visa and health requirements
  • Personal contact details of the traveller in the event of an emergency
  • International flight connection times
  • International airport connection times

Our quality control division is unrivalled in the travel industry and the only one that measures how much clients save


Travel Requisition System (TRS)
Indo Jet Travel has an electronic Travel Requisition System, simply put our solution offers a single platform that allows the travel booker to request travel and the consultant to provide quotes for the requested travel on one single platform, the tool also incorporates an automated approval process.


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